Technical Excursions

Day 5 – September 5, 2013 (Thursday)
Technical Excursion to Pergamon
In addition to its importance for the history of western architecture and urbanism, Pergamon has also been a cornerstone in archaeological research and excavations in the Mediterranean, physically documenting a recent shift towards an integral approach to preserving, presenting and using archaeological landscapes.
This technical excursion will offer a glimpse of continual settlement phases on a fertile plain at the skirts of the Acropolis of Pergamon, which is best documented in the registered cultural heritage resources. Interventions in some of these (like the Temple of Trajan, Building Z, and Red Hall) under the German Archaeological Institute have been examplary for later implementations elsewhere.
The excursion will be guided by Seçil Tezer, an architect from the Pergamon research team.
* Pergamon: The city and its landscape, accessible from:, last accessed on 3 August 2013.
 Day 8 – September 8, 2013 (Sunday)
Technical Excursion to Klazomenai and Teos
Like Erythrai, Klazomenai and Teos were among the 12 Ancient Ionian cities whose remains, dating from the Neolithic period onwards, are partly under modern settlements and agricultural land, and partly submerged under the sea, the latter resulting in a development of underwater archaeology in the region. Another significance of the excursion will be a glimpse of experimental archaeology in the region, through a visit to the olive factory and ancient ship replicas exhibited at Urla, near IZTECH campus.
The excursion will be guided by Yaşar Ersoy, Vasıf Şahoğlu, and Musa Kadıoğlu, current excavation directors of the visited areas.
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