Parallel Workshops
Day 9-10-11-12-13 – September 09-10-11-12-13, 2013 (Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday)
Programmes of the parallel workshops that will take place under the coordination of the lecturers of the ERASMUS IP Archaeological Landscapes and contributing studio critiques will be defined in the light of the framework lectures and site documentation/analyses of the first week, in such a way as to contribute in one or more of the following main aspects of experiencing Erythrai/Ildırı as an archaeological landscape:
*  Envisioning Erythrai/Ildırı as a Modern Touristscape: Themes and Scenarios for Sustainable Development
*  Integrating Erythrai/Ildırı in the Record: Survey and Data Management as Strategic Tools for Preservation and Presentation
*  Managing Erythrai/Ildırı as a Cultural Landscape
*  Unifying Erythrai/Ildırı as Archaeological, Natural and Urban Site: Nodes and Paths in an Expanding Network of Experience
*  Presenting Erythrai/Ildırı in Small: Ideas for On-Site Museums and Exhibitions
*  Celebrating in Erythrai/Ildırı: Guidelines for a Sutainable Use of the Ancient Remains and Open Spaces