Lectures and studios during ERASMUS IP Archaeological Landscapes will take place in the Faculty of Architecture buildings (Block A: ground floor meeting hall and room 112 for lectures & Block B: first floor studios). Computer labs and canteen for coffee breaks are also located in Block A, ground and second floors. Wireless internet access is available for guest users in all faculty buildings.
The computer labs will be open for our use during the programme. However due to the limit of the station number to 30, and also in the light of our intense and mobile working programme, all students are kindly requested to bring their own laptops. The faculty facilities will be available for printouts though not in massive amounts.
The Faculty of Architecture is located on the most elevated part of the IZTECH Campus, at the final stop of minibuses running between Üçkuyular district bus-minibus station in Izmir and IZTECH.
You can take the public bus (belediye otobüsü) number 202 from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (departing on the hour) or service minibuses of bus companies from Izmir Bus Station to Üçkuyular where you can catch a minibus (dolmuş) to IZTECH Campus. Minibuses depart every half hour on the hour, and in the summer season from Gülbahçe bay in Üçkuyular district station.
After making their final stop in IZTECH Campus at the Faculty of Architecture, Gülbahçe minibuses continue towards Gülbahçe village that is located along the sea in walking distance of the dormitory area. The latest minibus from IZTECH to Izmir departs at 21:00 from the dormitories and from Izmir to IZTECH at 23:00 from Üçkuyular district station.
With a few cafes and markets, Gülbahçe is the nearest centre to IZTECH Campus while Urla is the district capital with banks, health services, commercial and cultural facilities. Minibuses regularly run between IZTECH Campus and Urla, departing from the Faculty of Architecture and making a stop in front of the dormitory area.
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