in alphabetical order
Lectures and site/studio supervision in the ERASMUS IP Archaeological Landscapes (PreDU) will be by the following instructors currently teaching in the higher education institutions of the coordinating and organizing countries (as of August 28, 2013):
Assoc. Prof. Dr. AYSE GUL AKALIN-ORBAY (BA in Archaeology, 1988; MA in Classical Archaeology, 1990; PhD in Prehistory, 1999 at AU) is the director of the current Erythrai archaeological research project. Dr Akalın Orbay is an expert on Greco-Roman history and archaeology, with her speciality in historical geography and settlement archaeology.
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. CAROLINE JAEGER-KLEIN (Diploma in Architecture 1992, Dr.Sc 2000 at TU Wien) teaches history of architecture, focusing Austrian Architecture of the 19th and 20th centuries, at Vienna University of Technology. There she has set up and directed design studios for contemporary building within historical context since 2000. Besides she has taught history of architecture and preservation and rehabilitation at the International University of Kosovo UBT and at Danube University Krems. Recently she established the INNES International Summerschool in Vienna on Austrian Architectural Culture. She is national expert-in-court for the protection of monuments as well as national member of ICOMOS.
Prof. Dr. CLAIRY PALYVOU teaches history of architecture, restoration and site management both at the undergraduate and the graduate level, the latter in the Postgraduate Interdepartmental Program on Preservation, Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Monuments. She is member of the Academic Committee of the Initiative for Heritage Conservancy, based in Athens, and the corresponding MA Program in Heritage Management (
EBRU TORUN (BA in Architecture, METU 1991; MSc in Conservation, KU Leuven, RLICC 1995) is the site manager and assistant director of the Sagalassos Archaeological Research Project. She completed the anastylosis of two monuments at Sagalassos and conducted local development projects in Ağlasun/Sagalassos.
Dipl. Ing. E. DİDEM DURAKBAŞA, (Diploma in Architecture, Vienna University of Technology 2002) Teaches materials and methods of construction at Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul. During her work as a freelance architect (2005-2012), she won various prizes including the Turkish National Architecture prize for the Bursa Branch office of the Turkish National Bank. She is also a member of the board of advisors of the Çekül Foundation, supporting local authorities in their work for preserving cultural heritage.
Res. Ass. Dr. FATMA NURSEN KUL (B.Arch, Karadeniz Technical University 1998; M.Sc in Architecture-Restoration, METU 2003; PhD in Architecture-Restoration, METU 2010) currently teaches in the restoration studios of IZTECH Department of Architectural Restoration.
Dr. GIOVANNA CENICCOLA (B.Arch, M.Arch, PhD in Conservation of Architectural Heritage, UNINA) is currently engaged in research on the dialectic between theoretical conservation issues of architecture, archaeological area and landscape with design issues. She participated in the F.A.R.O. research “Pompeii accessible. Guidelines for expanded use of the archaeological site” (scientific coordination: Prof. Renata Picone) and the “Crapolla_lab” (designed and coordinated by Dr. Valentina Russo). She is now studying the transformation of the historic landscape of a rural area of the Sannio, near Benevento (Italy), in its relationship with the human work and typical architectures.
Architect Dipl.-Ing. GUDRUN STYHLER-AYDIN (Diploma in Civil Engineering, FH Magdeburg 1994; Diploma in Architecture, TU Berlin 2001) is research assistant at the TU Wien and teaches at the Department for History of Architecture and Building Archaeology. In collaboration with the Austrian Archaeological Institute and the Institute for Studies of Ancient Culture at the Austrian Academy of Sciences she worked in Ephesus since 2005. Her main field of work is the research and documentation of architectural heritage with a focus on construction materials and building techniques.
Dipl.-Ing. IRMENGARD MAYER (Diploma in Architecture, Vienna University of Technology 2007) is research assistant at the TU Wien and teaches at the Department for History of Architecture and Building Archaeology. Specialized in the usage and teaching of advanced technologies in the frame of building documentation and building archaeology, she worked on various international research projects, including several in Turkey.
Prof. Dr. JEROEN POBLOME (Master in Archaeology and Art History, KU Leuven  1990; PhD in Archaeology, KU Leuven 1996; Research Professor KU Leuven since 2002) is the field director of the Sagalassos Archaeological Research Project. He coordinates research projects on aspects of the ancient economy focusing on sustainable regional development, as well as on digital information systems.
JOERI THEELEN is the GIS and ICT manager of the Sagalassos Archaeological Research project since 2008. He has been involved in the development of the Sagalassos Integrated Information System, and the implementation of new techniques of on-site documentation.
Ass. Prof. Dr. KORAY VELIBEYOGLU (BCP, Dokuz Eylul University 1994; MUD, IZTECH 1998; PhD IZTECH 2004) has expertise on knowledge-based urban development and design involving information technologies. He was the coordinator of the winning proposal by a team from IZTECH Faculty of Architecture for a national ideas competition launched in 2008 by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to increase the potential values of Karaburun area by protecting the natural and cultural assets through active use.
Dr.-Ing. MARTIN BACHMANN (Diplom-Engineer Architect 1996 at KIT; Dr.-Ing. 2000 at KIT) is since 2006 the deputy director of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) Istanbul; director of the Oinoanda survey-project, director of the restoration works in Pergamon, and expert in building history and ancient construction history.
Ass. Prof. Dr. MİNE HAMAMCIOĞLU-TURAN (B.Arch, 1990 at DEU; M.Sc. in Architecture-Restoration , 1994 at METU; PhD in Architecture, 2000 at IZTECH) teaches architectural restoration design as well as history of Turkish architecture in Anatolia and theory of architectural restoration at IZTECH Department of Architectural Restoration.
Nur YAVUZ (B.Arch in Architecture, METU, 1998; MFA in Graphic Design, Bilkent University, 2001) is teaching architectural design and theory in Izmir Economy University and Yaşar University in Izmir. She is questioning perception, consciousness and memory at the threshold between cinema and architecture.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. SEMAHAT OZDEMIR (BCP, METU 1978; MSc, METU 1983; PhD, Dokuz Eylul University, 1993) has been a leading actor in Karaburun Peninsula Local  Agenda 21 platform for sustainable development that has accomplished pilot projects in the past decade, in selected settlements with the participation of local municipalities and non-governmental organizations.
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. ULRIKE HERBIG (Diploma in Surveying Technology, 1995; PhD in Surveying Technology, 2002 at Vienna University of Technology) is Assistant Professor at the TU Wien with focus on the recording and documentation of architecture as well as on innovative survey methods in the frame of building archaeology.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. VALENTINA RUSSO (M.Sc. in Architecture, 1996; Ph.D. in Conservation of Architectural Heritage, 1999) teaches Restoration in the University of Naples Federico II (Dept. of Architecture) and History of Restoration in the School of Specialization in Architectural and Environmental Heritage ( Her researches are preferably focused on the relationships between theoretical-historical issues and design issues in architectural and landscape restoration. Since 2009 she coordinates the knowledge and planning activities on the Italian cultural landscape of Crapolla in Surrentine-Amalphitan peninsula (
Ass. Prof. Dr. ZEYNEP AKTURE (B.Arch, 1990; M.Sc. in Architecture-Restoration, 1995; PhD in Architecture, 2005 at METU) teaches architectural and urban design as well as history and theory of architecture and architectural restoration at IZTECH Department of Architecture.
Inst. Dr. ZEYNEP DURMUŞ ARSAN (B.Arch, Dokuz Eylul University, 1992; M.Sc. in Architecture, 1997; PhD in Architecture, IZTECH, 2004) focuses her current research on sustainable development and energy efficiency in buildings, energy performance measurement, simulation and retrofitting in buildings at IZTECH Department of Architecture.

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