The ERASMUS IP Archaeological Landscapes has been designed as a learning environment that requires the proactive participation of both the instructors and the students, in defining and developing design proposals for the preservation and use of archaeological landscapes.
This will be enabled through introductory morning lectures on the selected case of Erythrai/Ildırı from regional, archaeological, ecological, historical and rural perspectives parallel to afternoon site analyses on each one of the introduced aspects. These analyses will be based on documentation involving a variety of techniques ranging from mappings of the existing archaeological and architectural remains from Erythrai in different scales for further study and discussion of the site to interviews with the villagers living in Ildırı, under the guidance of lectures on integrated building survey methods.
Gradual shift from the case of Ildırı/Erythrai to one on the basic principles, objectives and methods developed by a variety of disciplines to work in archaeological landscapes will, thus, be provided through an introduction of the idea of multidisciplinarity in archaeology and changing scopes of the discipline, with a focus on the experience of interdisciplinary research on regional development at Karaburun, Knossos, Sagalassos, and Teos.
These lectures highlighting sustainablility and participation; presentation, preservation and modern use; and heritage management, focusing on community archaeology / local development projects are to be complemented with technical trips to other prominent archaeological sites of the region for a comparative evaluation of the results obtained for the case of Erythrai/Ildırı.
The course will conclude with a three-day design marathon building on the accumulation of the programme. The studio will be conducted in working groups mixing students from different participating countries and disciplines. The outcome will be evaluated in a panel wherein local and regional administrators and representatives of the civic community will also be invited.