Aims & Objectives

The main objectives of the ERASMUS IP Archaeological Landscapes are:
*  student training in the field of presentation and development of cultural heritage in archaeologically protected areas
*  supporting specialization in the preservation and sustainable use of archaeological landscapes
*  transfer of specialized knowledge in areas related to archaeologically protected areas in a multidisciplinary learning and working environment
*  sharing institutional experience in recording, documenting, managing, and presenting archaeologcial landscapes accumulated in different projects
*  enable inter-institutional dialogue and cooperation which may contribute in the development of new curricula and qualifications in this field of specialization to overcome the lack of academic education to get experience and to work in this interdisciplinary field
Further aims and values of the ERASMUS IP Archaeological Landscapes are:
*  active inclusion of the local communities, as an added project value
*  contribution in a public awareness for the need for preserving archaeological landscapes alongside their use, during the event and through a dissemination of its outcomes
*  promotion of the ICT-based method of the programme for the existing practitioners in the field through a website publishing project outcomes
*  increasing student and teaching staff mobility throughout Europe by introducing a new node to the existing exchange map
*  transfer of innovative practices applied by the participating foreign higher education institutions to higher educations institutes in Izmir, Turkey

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