*  Facilities of IZTECH campus and especially IZTECH Faculty of Architecture will be made available to the programme and logistic aspects of the organization will be coordinated locally, through a temporary organization office for the duration of the programme.
*  Academic guest-houses and dormitories of IZTECH campus will be made available for accommodation and meals will be organized centrally, at the lowest possible price for the highest possible standard.
*  Local transport to and from Erythrai/Ildırı and other project sites may also be organized centrally, through the contribution of IZTECH administration.
*  All partnering institutions and participants agree to share their data, archive material, and publications on the preservation, design and use of archaeological landscapes with the project participants before, during, and after the duration of the workshop.
*  The project outcomes will later be prepared for publication, in digital and printed format, under the coordination of Vienna University of Technology.
*  Participating instructors undertake the responsibility of running the course, through their contribution in the form of lectures and studio supervision.
*  Participating students undertake the responsibility of attending the lectures and studio work during the full duration of the programme, proactively through their participation in lecture discussions (orally and in written or visual format), site surveys (for documentation and analyses, individually and/or as a group work), and a final studio presentation (individually and/or as a group work).
*  Participating students are required to complete an ERASMUS IP Final Report Form for Students, as obliged among documents to be submitted with the final project report to the National Agency.
*  Participation of both instructors and students will be documented by their signatures in an attendance sheet, as obliged among documents to be submitted with the final project report to the National Agency.
Upon completion of the programme, all participants who have fulfilled their obligations will receive a certificate of attendance, mentioning the dates and duration of the ERASMUS IP, as signed by the project coordinator. After the submission of their final project report, the students will receive a certificate of completion; mentioning the dates, duration, and 4 ECTS credits of the ERASMUS IP; as signed by the Dean of IZTECH Faculty of Architecture. This certificate will be supplemented by a grading sheet for official use.
Participants who will benefit from travel and subsistence reimbursement will have agreed to provide the following documents:
*  completed registration form
*  copy of the ID, photograph, validity and entrance stamp pages of passports (for foreign nationals) / copy of ID card (for Turkish nationals)
*  copy of student / staff ID cards
*  original receipt / invoice of all incoming and outgoing travel costs (flights, trains, city transport etc)
*  incoming and outgoing boarding passes, including e-boarding passes (if applicable)