The expected results and impact of the ERASMUS IP Archaeological Landscapes are:
*  establishment by the partners of a network dealing on the preservation, design and use of archaeological landscapes, strengthening its importance during the workshop
*  publication of a website that will promote the interdisciplinary approach of the programme in recording, presenting and managing archaeological landscapes
*  opening of a social network site as a basis for introducing the programme to the general public through a forum for new discussions, input and interactions on archaeological landscapes
*  setting of a workspace as an instrument for internal discussion, management and exchange of data and for creating a possibility to involve interested experts in the discussions
*  recording and editing of the workshop process to provide insight into the interdisciplinary work for archaeological landscapes
*  collection and evaluation of student reports as feedback on their gained skills, methods and knowledge to check the interdisciplinary impact and the transversal transfer of knowledge
 *  production of teaching material as a basis for future interdisciplinary efforts in the preservation, design and use of archaeological landscapes
*  formation of guidelines for future interdisciplinary courses in related fields of study
*  future possibilities for joint international e-learning and European Master programmes
 *  production of a final report as a best practice model for interdisciplinary cooperation within the frame of archaeological landscapes
*  sharing of workshop results in academic events of international scope, with institutions involved in the preservation, design and use of archaeological landscapes, and with the public
*  publication of a summary report for broader dissemination of the experience gained in the workshop with emphasis on the impact of its interdisciplinary teaching methods